How to Use Video To Succeed

A law firm is just like any other business that relies on getting clients and customers to make money. This is why law firms should know how to market themselves. With that said, below are some of the best techniques for marketing a law firm.

Keyboard-Success-Key-Share-On-FacebookOne of the best ways to market a law firm is via video. You can create one video about your law firm or create an online advertisement and then you can publish that video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform that allows you to upload and share videos you created. Be specific of your target. Like Az Motorcycle laws, people are searching for specific criteria that you want to target. People love watching videos, and they tend to pay more attention to videos than written content, which is exactly why you should be publishing videos about your law firm.

When it comes to marketing a law firm, you should focus on referrals, which you can do by asking your current clients to refer friends and family members who may need your service or offer a finder’s fee to those who follow your law firm on social media. Also, if your business represents clients in certain professions, then contact companies that work in that profession and try to get referrals from them. You might be surprised at how many referrals you can get when you cultivate them, so don’t be afraid to contacts other professionals or ask current clients for referrals because all it takes is one person to send you a bunch of references.

Article marketing is another great way to get the word out about your law firm. What you want to do is write a few articles about your law firm or something related to your area of legal expertise and then publish those articles to various websites that allow you to publish articles. Make sure you include a link in the items that lead back to your main site and include your phone number in each piece you write. If you do this a few times per week, then you could end up generating much more interest in your law firm.

Also, you want to create a blog that is separate from your website and make sure you blog at least 3-4 times per week. The content can be legal content that relates to your are of expertise. Make sure you use keywords throughout your blog and link from your blog to your main website and social media profiles, as this can help you grow your social media presence and drive more traffic to your site. Make sure your blog contains quality content and include your contact information because people may want to communicate with you and they may be interested in hiring you to represent them.

Publishing videos is an excellent way to get the word out about your law firm and the services you offer, and you should focus on getting referrals. Article marketing can help out a lot too, as it is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods, but it is one of the best forms of marketing.

What will your business do in the after life?

New IdeasWhen it comes to marketing your business, you should know that there many different ways to do it, but no matter how many ways there are, you can just narrow them down to types: offline and online. In this article, we are going to talk more about the two and give you some examples on how you can do them.

The offline methods of marketing your business can cost you money and time. Chicago luxury apartments market can cost you a lot of time if you searching for a broad topic. Think of printing pamphlets and paying someone to distribute them to passersby. Or think of printing your company name of merchandise items like ball pens and caps. And there is the good old cold calling where you pick a random number in the directory and make a call. If you have the budget, you could also advertise on the different media outlets like newspapers, radio, and television.

Now some people will say that the days of offline marketing are gone. However, the truth is that you still need to market yourself offline because it makes your business look more legitimate.

Even if your website is found on Google for your most relevant keywords, people will not believe that you are a business worth trying until they see your banner or billboard. That said, as you are spending money advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords, spend time marketing in your neighborhood and interacting face-to-face with the people around you.
So now that you know how to do offline marketing, it’s time to know how to market your business online. It all starts with you having a website. Even though it’s possible to market your business without a website, a website is your place of business on the Internet, and you will want to have a place that people can go back to again and again.

That said, the first step in online marketing is to create your website. You don’t need to do it by yourself. There are many companies that provide website solutions that build your site from the ground up. Just make sure that whoever build your site can also make it rank on Google through a process known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We do not need to tell you, but right now people use Google to find a place and people. That and Facebook. This leads us to the second way through which you should go about marketing yourself online – Facebook marketing.

There are several ways to do this.You can create a Facebook group, Facebook page, or advertise on Facebook. Groups are where you interact with your customers while Facebook pages are where you build your brand. On the other hand, advertising is where you reach out to the people who might be interested in your business. This is because advertising on the social media site allows you to reach out to different people based on the demographic you specify.

So, now that you know about the many ways that you can market your business, it’s time for you to do the hard work.

Why a Buy Sell Agreement Is Necessary

shutterstock_170091740Businesses often are formed as partnerships, as each partner brings different skills, abilities and contacts to the enterprise. Assuming that everything works out will, over the years, each partner contributes their expertise and capabilities to the business. When entering any arrangement, it is always advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified professional. A Lawyer will be able to draw up the accurate documents and also assist if there is a catastrophic event.

The business then begins to have a value as a going concern. This value can be based on revenue, and a valuation can be calculated from that. Of course, there may be assets as well, owned by the partnership such as land, buildings, vehicles, etc.

shutterstock_115503529Under the law, when one of the partners dies or becomes disabled, the partnership has to be dissolved. A disaster will present a problem in that under normal inheritance law the heirs of a deceased person would inherit the assets of the deceased.

So if partner A dies, the spouse or other relatives can suddenly contest that they should have to share in profits and thus ownership of the business simply because of their relationship to the deceased. They may also demand income from the company, which may be difficult to produce since there is only one partner to do the work of two.



The overall situation presents some legal, financial and moral problems, as the remaining partner may feel some moral obligation to help, there is still a business to run, and to have a partner now that has never been involved would be a big drawback.BuY SEll with an lawyer

The solution is to have a business buy and sell agreement that is funded with life insurance and disability insurance.

Assuming there are two partners and the company is valued at $750,000, a life insurance police are taken out on each partner for the amount of $375,000. The insurance can be owned by and paid for by the partnership, or by each of the partners. If the partners own the insurance policies, Partner A would own B’s policy and partner B would own A’s policy.

When partner A dies, the life insurance pays the widow, or widower, or other heirs as the case may be the $375,000, and the full share of partner A, worth $375,000 is transferred to partner B, making B the sole owner of the business.

This arrangement will stand up in court as a reasonable method of guaranteeing business continuation by having the life insurance pay the heirs of the deceased the proportion of value due them while sole control is reverted to the surviving partner.

The same concept will work with multiple partners, and you would have the partnership entity own the policies. If it is a corporation, the same concept applies, except the insurance buys out the stock of the deceased and pays the money to the heirs.

In the case of a long-term disability, a similar pattern would evolve. The purchase a long term disability policy on each of the partners, and have a trigger date of when the buyout begins to occur. For example, if the disabled partner is disabled for six months or more, the buyout is triggered, and the money is paid to the disabled partner.

If the disabled partner recovers, then language will have to be in the agreement about how to handle a partial buyout. The buyout could be negated since the money came from the insurance company, and if another disability occurs, then the buyout could start anew.

Another, less expensive way to handle a disability is to utilize the disability waiver of premium in the life insurance policy. The way that this works is that if the policy owner becomes disabled, the premiums are waived after six months of disability.

At that time, the buyout can be funded by the accumulated cash values in the life insurance policy. A policy loan can be taken out to finance the buyout, and the dividend additions dividend option can be implemented to keep the death benefit of the policy level, as loans normally decrease the death benefit.  Follow along to get more advice.

What You Need to Know About Insurance

Commercial_InsuranceIt does not matter what is the size or the nature of your enterprise, as there is one component that will be identical for all types of business, and this is the need for business coverage. There are numerous special elements of your enterprise that you want to think about when searching out a new business insurance – or reviewing your present insurance which your business has right now.

Seeing that every commercial enterprise is different, every one of them may have distinct insurance necessities. As an example, a business enterprise that produces bodily items may additionally want extra coverage as compared to a business that deals in offering services. In either state of affairs, there are a few common things, and listed here are some sorts of coverage that all businesses should have.

Peoples’ Reimbursement Insurance

Employees’ reimbursement coverage is necessary by mean of law in nearly every country. This type of insurance provides coverage for medical fees and a part of misplaced wages for a worker who gets ill during work. Normally, this form of coverage simply covers accidents or infections that occur at the work site – as an example, if a worker gets injured due of electrical current or falls from a high location ( either one of these accidents can be deadly).

Reimbursement insurance depends upon the location of the company, and it’s crucial to be in contact with an insurance expert, just to make sure that you will get the risk covered.  This is required from you in any situation, no matter what type of activity you do.

Liability Insurance

businss-liability--insurance-san-diego-californiaLiability insurance coverage is formed to guard you and your whole enterprise from an expansion of claims, along with physical loss or claims due to negligence. This sort of insurance can assist the payment for such things as assets harm, expenses on medical ground, defamation, slander, prison charges, and bad quality products. No one expects to get sued, but the fact is that it is generally an option. You don’t want to leave your enterprise free to different varieties of conditions, and the wider the range of protection, the better it will be.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional legal responsibility coverage also can be referred to as errors and omissions coverage, or “Malpractice insurance”. It gives you protection from court cases that allege negligence in presenting professional services, or making errors or omissions. This sort of insurance is especially vital if you have a provider-based commercial enterprise, but it can also be important for other forms or types of businesses as well. Errors takes place – so a good professional liability insurance may be useful, even if you do not think you might need it.

Property insurance

business-insurance-iconThe definition of belongings is extensive, and it can mean different things to an exceptional variety of agencies. That is why it is critical to make certain you have these commercial assets insured. Without this type of coverage, many small corporations would not be able to update their equipment, if that equipment suffers harm or destruction.

The properties included by this form of insurance covers the properties like buildings, computer systems, inventory, substances and equipment. There are two kinds of property insurance: an “all-threat” guideline, which covers just about the whole thing, and there are many ways to avoid duplication or overlap of coverage, in addition to finding different gaps when looking to cover your liabilities.

The “Peril-unique” policies or named peril coverage can be applied most effectively to unique perils, which are in particular named inside the policy. They are generally asked for when there may be an excessive danger in a particular area.